Our Values

We work proactively with our customers and our customers’ customers. In this way, we ensure every day that we deliver what we have contractually committed to. Without our customers, there is no FCS. Who my customer is depends on my area. I always focus on the essentials in order to work together with “my customers” on an equal footing in a results-oriented manner – whether with internal or external partners. I am not satisfied with the status quo, but focus on improvement in my area.

As FCS employees, we treat each other and our partners with respect and decency. This is how we build trust through open, honest and straightforward communication. We always work within the boundaries of our Code of Conduct and compliance guidelines.

We do our work well the first time and actively and consciously take responsibility for our actions. This applies to our work, occupational health and safety and the people around us. We set a good example. We know that we are jointly responsible for the company’s results and that each individual makes an important contribution through cost awareness and optimization in their area of work. We are aware of the responsibilities of our positions and roles as well as those of our team. It is also our responsibility to deal openly with mistakes. We know that our managers are always open to feedback: we can only improve if we learn together.

We sincerely believe that safety is the number one priority at all times. We will do what we have been trained to do. We will never take shortcuts at the expense of safety, no matter who demands it of us. Safety comes before on-time departure! If I follow the safety rules, it benefits all my colleagues. We will always speak out if we see that compromises are being made to the detriment of our safety. As a manager, I am always a role model for safety-conscious behavior, I keep my eyes open and I am always approachable on the subject of safety. I take every opportunity to convey the right attitude and the necessary caution for the safety of all of us to my team.

We all work as part of a team and enjoy what we do. We enjoy working with our colleagues and rely on their expertise to make a valuable contribution to FCS customers. Together we achieve our goals and support each other to be successful as a team. Of course, this also applies to other shifts or areas – we are all part of FCS and see ourselves as one big team pursuing the same goal.