Speed alone is not enough to ensure lasting success on the logistics market. A solid foundation for longstanding customer relationships also requires careful handling of goods, reliability and excellent process quality.

With all this in mind, we emphasize our employees’ qualifications and ongoing training and continuing education activities.
We hold DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 certification and have the quality of our processes checked regularly by independent experts.

Our customers’ individual perceptions of quality are crucial. To meet customers’ specific requirements and needs, we enter into individual service level agreements.

All of our processes are geared toward the requirements of customers and the wider market.
•    Clearly defined, documented procedures ensure that the quality of our services is and remains consistently high.
•    We have implemented systematic idea management practices that let us identify and tap into areas where there is potential for improvement early on.
•    We agree on quality assurance measures in dialogue with our customers.




SCOPE - S mart C argo OPE rating System

If you want to have a leg up on the competition, you have to have the best information at the critical moment. That’s why we use state-of-the-art information technology when handling  import and  export shipments to visualize and accelerate processes in the real world through a virtual environment.

Thanks to specially designed interfaces, our customers can link their data systems with ours and import the relevant information.

Swift handling and minimal time and effort spent on documentation are ensured by our proven SCOPE cargo IT system and the use of barcodes with computer-assisted status queries for each individual consignment. We also use mobile handheld devices to log processing data directly, which helps us minimize added work and cut back on time spent while eliminating possible sources of error and minimizing paper use.

•    Electronic data interchange (CargoIMP)
•    Status of handling of all flights available in real time at all times
•    Agreed time standards (SLAs) automatically determine work specifications
•    Regular performance analysis on the basis of individually agreed processing standards
•    Our airline customers can access our system worldwide, either via the Internet or through a SCOPE terminal