Airfreight plays key role in delivering essential supplies to the population – FRA’s cargo community cooperates closely to meet challenges of the changed airfreight industry due to the coronavirus pandemic 

FRA/rap – The global coronavirus outbreak has rapidly changed the airfreight business. Import volumes at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) have risen sharply, while exports have stagnated. Transfer cargo has almost been eliminated. There has also been a noticeable shift in the shape and type of shipments towards small, loose packages. In tandem with its partners on-site, Frankfurt Airport has responded quickly to these changes, ensuring continued delivery of vital goods to Germany and Europe during the Corona crisis. 

Frankfurt am Main, 31.03.2020

Urgent medical equipment for healthcare workers and coronavirus patients is continuing to arrive at Frankfurt Airport from all over the world, with Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS) ensuring immediate processing of all incoming shipments to expedite their delivery to frontline medical teams.   


Resembling a giant Meccano set, with 270 tons of steel and 40.000 nuts and bolts, engineers have been working tirelessly over the past few months to complete this important project: now the new ULD storage facility in the FCS yard is ready.