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Frankfurt/Moscow, 03 December 2021

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has renewed its cargo handling contract at Frankfurt/Main Airport with Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS), a subsidiary of Worldwide Flight Services (WFS).

FCS, the largest independent cargo hander at the airport, has served AirBridgeCargo since 2008, and the new contract extension reflects the successful and growing partnership between the two companies. ABC currently operates up to 15 Boeing 747 freighter flights a week from Frankfurt to its hubs at Moscow’s Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports, seamlessly connecting customers to more than 30 prime cargo destinations in Europe, Asia and North America from Russia’s capital.

"Frankfurt is one of the most important airports in AirBridgeCargo’s intercontinental route network. Thanks to our reliable and close cooperation with Frankfurt Cargo Services, we offer our customers quick and easy access to key cargo markets globally, including for our specialist products. Solutions such as FCS' mobile SuperBox refrigeration unit, for example, support our growing pharmaceutical volumes and means we can respond optimally to our customers’ requirements as well as trends in the market,” said Diana Schöneich, Senior Director European Region at AirBridgeCargo.

As a customer of FCS in Cargo City South at Frankfurt Airport, ABC benefits from a direct connection between the airside apron and the landside cargo handling operation, shortening cargo processing times. The knowledge and expertise of FCS’ handling team in Frankfurt also supports ABC’s service requirements for special consignments such as dangerous goods, heavy and outsize loads, and temperature-sensitive cargoes.

With volumes continuously increasing, FCS’ proven capability of handling temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products was one of the decisive factors in AirBridgeCargo’s decision to extend its longstanding partnership. With GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and IATA CEIV Pharma certifications, FCS’ Frankfurt cargo operation is fully compliant with the cargo handling requirements of both airlines and pharmaceutical companies.

"In our 13 years of partnership so far, AirBridgeCargo and FCS have both significantly expanded our cargo operations in Frankfurt, and we have worked closely together to overcome major challenges, including, of course, the coronavirus crisis and its impact on global supply chains. We wish to thank AirBridgeCargo for the airline’s continued loyalty to FCS and we look forward to a new phase of growth in our relationship,” added Claus Wagner, Managing Director of Frankfurt Cargo Services.

Boeing 747-8F Freighter of AirBridgeCargo at Frankfurt Airport

Handling facility of Frankfurt Cargo Services
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About FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services

FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services is an affiliate of WFS Worldwide Flight Services, one of the world’s largest cargo handling companies, and of Fraport AG, the owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport, one of the largest airports in Europe. FCS is the largest airline-independent cargo handling company at Frankfurt Airport, offering full-service packages encompassing all aspects of physical handling and documentation of cargo. Our approximately 700 experienced employees handle 750,000 tons of airfreight for more than 50 international airlines here.

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About AirBridgeCargo
AirBridgeCargo, a leading global cargo carrier, operates an expansive international route network which connects customers to the world’s largest markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. The airline covers more than 30 major cargo gateways to accommodate international trade flows. All flights are operated via Russia to guarantee seamless connections throughout the airline’s worldwide network. Air cargo is transported and handled within a 48-hour delivery time, all managed by a highly skilled and qualified ground handling task force. ABC’s fleet consists of Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 freighters and is one of the most modern and youngest in the airline industry.
Operating in the market since 2004, ABC is dedicated to catering to the needs of its worldwide customers through high quality service standards. The operating advantages of ABC’s freighter fleet, the performance of the airline’s highly-skilled personnel, and the constant improvements of its internal processes, enable the airline to carry all types of air cargo in full compliance with global industry standards, including cargo requiring observance of special handling conditions. AirBridgeCargo is committed to consistently reviewing and developing its existing service offers to realign them with evolving market and customer expectations.
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