Express and courier freight

Transport of express and courier freight is the fastest logistics discipline. Every minute counts. We see ourselves as partners of our customers, therefore we know no speed limits and are always on the fast track taking short cuts and use proven processes at all times.

This is why we have reserved an area of 1,200 square metres for  urgent freight in the CargoCity North. Trucks dock from the side that borders directly on the apron. There is no shorter and more direct way to the aircraft.

Our import services at a glance

  • Processing of advice notes
  • Direct transport of goods and documents from the aircraft to the express terminal
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery

Our export services at a glance

  • Acceptance of express goods
  • Customs supervision
  • Express freight manifest
  • Transport to aircraft

We operate the express terminal in cooperation with undefinedtime:matters GmbH, a company which offers express and courier handling services also to their own customers; logistic companies (integrators and couriers) as well as their contractors.