Export handling

Fast out, without excellent players in all key positions you will not win the competition. This is especially true for an export nation like Germany and at one of its central logistic hubs. Therefore, we face the growing challenges of export logistics daily and improve our services continuously to speed up ground processes or to assist our customers in areas which are not part of their daily core business.

Our services

  • Checks on freight and customs documentation
  • Export customs clearance
  • Control of quantity of goods by interim storage
  • Loading of containers and pallets up until transshipment with third party airlines
  • Freight documentation for the flight
  • Separate handling areas and a specialized crew

We consider all applying specific customs regulations, IATA and occupational safety regulations as well as special demands of our customers when compiling freight items. We are known for our efficient combination of pallets and other loading units which result in a high loading factor. This is a decisive competitive advantage for our customers.

Speed and individualized service are a matter of course!

Truck Slot-System

We allocate fixed time slots for the delivery of export freight. This is our very own innovation which has proven to be very valuable, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when traffic is extremely busy. Our system of a regulated timetable speeds up the handling process as forwarding companies arrive at the freight terminal at an agreed time, confirm handling time beforehand and announce their freight loads. If all documents are complete and the freight is cleared by customs, it means “ready to go”; the truckers have now the entitlement to the agreed upon handling times.

Not ready to go freight (NRTG)

Our NRTG service for individual units / pieces that need to be consolidated or to be made "ready for carriage" also includes unsecure shipments and special freight. For our customers this means a higher economy of scales due to an integrated process flow and a reduced risk of damages and mix-ups.

Preliminary check of dangerous goods

70 percent of all dangerous goods shipments are rejected due to incorrect documentation. This leads to a ban to carry on shipment and thus to delays and additional costs. This is why we offer a preliminary check of the documentation prior to delivery of the goods to reduce the risk of rejection.

Measuring of freight

Our "Apache" system makes sure that the measurements of the airfreight are in accordance with the data transferred. Dimensions, weight and volume of loading units are being automatically scanned and loaded directly into the system. This service is not only provided to our airline customers.

X-Ray of freight

Specially trained employees x-ray your freight seven days a week, from Monday 08:00 a.m. until Sunday 10:00 p.m..
The following maximum measurements of the individual freight units have to be adhered to:


1,700  mm


1,790  mm


5,000 kg