With our eServices we offer professional online customer service round-the-clock.

Let your invoices be transmitted in a practical PDF format electronically and free of charge with our e-billing service. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also efficient and up to date.

Submit electronically quick and easy your preliminary claims (first information in terms of irregularities) with e-preliminary Claims.



Electronic invoicing is free of charge

For more environmentally friendly, time-saving and more efficient handling of our invoices, we have updated our electronic invoicing for you. Our e-billing service can be used by all customers of Frankfurt Cargo Services free of charge.

From now on, invoices can be transmitted in a practical PDF format per email, including a qualified electronic signature.

Your Benefits:

  • Immediate receipt of the invoice per email (up to 3 email addresses possible*)
  • Time-saving handling because invoices can simply be forwarded by email
  • Elimination of the paper invoice and thus space-saving and cost-effective archiving
  • Free service
  • Free verification of the signature possible via You can define yourself how and in what form you would like to receive our invoices. The following variants are available to you for paperless receipt of our invoices:
  • PDF with qualified signature (file zipped): You receive our invoice as original electronically only. So there is no paper printed. Electronic delivery takes place by email.
  • PDF with qualified signature (file unzipped): You receive our invoice as original electronically only. So there is no paper printed. Electronic delivery takes place by email.

Should you want to use our free-of-charge e-billing service and have decided on one of the variants, please fill in the undefinedwritten consent form and send it to us by email or fax. As soon as the cutover has taken place, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please also find information on the e-billing process under the following links:

undefinedGerman VAT Act
undefinedSignatures Act

Further statutory and fiscal law provisions of the country concerned must be observed. Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH can assume no liability or responsibility here whatsoever. Should you still have questions, please contact:



*only up to three email adresses can be registered for Frankfurt Cargo Services and Fraport AG in total. All invoices of Frankfurt Cargo Services and Fraport AG will be collected and both sent to the registered email adresses.

ePreliminary Claims and Invoice Queries

If you are facing transport abnormalities you can submit prelimininary claims electronically to us – with our eServices. Invoice queries or complaints can be submitted electronically. The service is quick, transparent and very easy to use.

Registered Users can access all relevant tools around-the-clock after a short registration.

Your advantages:

  • Accelerated processing
  • Easy data entry
  • Instant confirmation of receipt via email
  • Minimization of sources of error
  • Transparency
  • Submissions can be made anytime
  • All processes at a glance

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