Comissioning and storage

As service partner at one of the centrally situated European logistic hubs we see ourselves as much as a discreet but a productive part of the value chain of intercontinental trade. Our contributions are short transfer times and cost advantages e.g. by direct delivery and dispatch without the necessity of using further transshipment facilities. Night handling and 24 hour service are natural. Thus we can offer our customers their own distribution representation in Europe without much effort!

We handle import freight with special teams to give it priority after landing or take it over for further processing from other handling agents. We separate according to HAWB (house airwaybill) and reorganise according to recipients' list. This way we commission for example high quality primary products delivered from Asia or America according to the specifications of our customers.

Our import services at a glance

  • Collecting of consignments from other handling agents at the airport (if the relevant airline is not being handled by us)
  • Unloading of transport units
  • Separation of consignments according to HAWB and specification of the carrier or customer
  • Information about availability of consignments
  • Interim storage
  • Off-ramp delivery
  • Loading of trucks

Export freight we accept according to the HAWB level and commission it according to customer specifications. Consignments are labeled, palletized and delivered to the relevant airline resp. the relevant handling agent. We also palletize consignments for airlines centrally which are not being handled by us.

Our export services at a glance

  • Acceptance of incoming consignments including checking of completeness and damage
  • Issueing of receipt for delivery
  • Information about receipt of consignments
  • Interim storage
  • Commissioning of consignments according to specifications
  • Palettizing
  • Delivery to handling agent of third airline

We also offer all the above services as warehousing services in external storage facilities.