Bonded warehouse

Our bonded warehouse provides more room to manoeuvre for our customers, especially when the final destination of the goods is not certain yet. An additional financial advantage for our customers is the option to store freight for an indefinite period of time:

  • import charges such as customs duties and import tax will only be levied on removal of goods!
  • no import charges on goods that are being exported to non EU countries again!
  • interest rates gain through delay of import charges!

We are able to carry out confectioning, distribution and quality control of freight. At the same time, our 24h service guarantees high mobility of the freight.

Our services for import of goods

  • Check of quality and completeness of incoming goods
  • Electronic registration of shipment
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Information transfer to customs via ATLAS
  • Break up of shipments
  • Value adding services such as the combination of electronic parts,repair and maintenance
  • Pricing
  • Packing and / or re-packing of consignments
  • Storage of duty-free goods of member and non-member countries without levy of import charges (customs storage type D)
  • Storage and handling of hazardous goods
  • Stock control and managements
  • Stocktaking
  • Reporting
  • 24/365 – all year round service 24 hours around the clock

Our services for export of goods

  • Alterations of shipments
  • Customs clearance directly at CargoCity South
  • Documentation for transport and local authorities
  • Packing and / or re-packing of shipments
  • Labelling of goods
  • Commissioning of export shipments
  • Complete handling of return shipments
  • Palletizing of shipments or packing of containers
  • Check of quality and completeness of outgoing goods
  • Check-out of freight
  • Information on freight status
  • Advice on logistics of handling of airfreight in respect of Supply-Chain-Management
  • 24/365 - 24/365 – all year round service 24 hours around the clock