If you want to be first in a competition you have to have the best information at the most important moment. Therefore we use modern information technology in handling undefinedimport and undefinedexport shipments. This enables us to mirror processes virtually and to speed them up.

Thanks to the right interfaces, our customers can connect their data systems with ours and transfer relevant information at no additional cost. Our staff can also work with the airlines' systems if required.

Our established freight IT system  SCOPE, the customs system ATLAS and the use of barcodes with DP supported status enquiries of each individual consignment ensure fast handling and a minimum of documentation. Further we use mobile handhelds for direct input of handling data to minimize possible causes of mistakes, and to save paper and time.

SCOPE - S mart C argo OPE rating System

  • Mobile data input and output with handhelds
  • No manual input necessary
  • Consistent electronic  data exchange with forwarding agents and airlines (CargoIMP)
  • Status of handling of all flights can be requested anytime in real time
  • Time standards (SLAs) rule procedures automatically
  • Regular performance evaluation on the basis of individually agreed handling standards
  • Our airline customers worldwide have access to our system via internet or SCOPE terminal