Certified quality

A fixed aspect of our company policy is the vow for quality. DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 signals this to the public and guarantees our customers for all undefinedimport and undefinedexport shipments an exact service standard with optimized processes.

The message is quality

  • All process are directed towards customers' and market demands.
  • Clearly defined and documented processes guarantee consistently high quality of our services.
  • A systemized idea management helps to recognize potential for improvement early and allows consequent implementation.
  • Measures for quality assurance are agreed upon with our customers.

Independent experts check continually if we meet our standards.

Security is our standard

Security is a critical point in transportation of airfreight. In our function as regulated  representative (DE RAC-No. 0026) we have a masterly security system. All warehouse and handling facilities are in accordance with the latest security standards of the TSA/FAA.

We can monitor consignments with our tracing detector and with undefinedx-rays. Specially trained employees x-ray your freight seven days a week.