It is not only speed that ensures long-term success in the logistics market. A strong basis for many years of customer relations needs reliability and quality of the processes and special care in respect to the goods handled.

This is why we put strong emphasis on the qualification and permanent training of our undefinedstaff, who show their appreciation with a low fluctuation rate. We get best marks for motivation and workplace satisfaction which show themselves in smooth handling processes of undefinedimport and undefinedexport shipments. These make us the largest neutral service provider for airfreight handling at Frankfurter Airport.

We have the quality of our processes tested regularly by independent experts and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. To be in a position to answer to the specific demands and requirements of our customers, we offer our services on different levels.

Possible import service standards

  • dispatch of freight with destination Frankfurt
  • preparation of transfer freight for transport via truck
  • delivery of complete units (BUP/BUC)
  • preparing of freight documentation
  • delivery of urgent consignments
  • handling of transfer freight to third party airline

Possible export service standards

  • last acceptance of freight to be palletized or containerized
  • last acceptance of loose freight
  • last acceptance of assembled units
  • last acceptance of urgent consignments

We define and decide on the relevant service level together with our customers and agree on relevant measures of quality assurance which are continuously tested and analyzed during the processes by fixed stages. Our employees at the undefinedCustomer Service Center are in close contact with the process managers to live up to our and our customers' quality expectations.

Only by continuous improvement and adaption of our processes and systems are we able to be a step ahead of our competition. Groups of employees who are engaged in quality improvement are permanently working on improving the quality of our services. Furthermore, the undefinedFraport group has an established internal suggestions system which puts our customers and us in the position to benefit from the know-how and the ideas of our staff.