The Rhine Main area is centrally situated in Germany, a country which is linked to world economy like hardly any other. Frankfurt airport (FRA) is a highly frequented hub situated in a tightly knit traffic system for vehicles, trains and planes which is unique in the world. Two major traffic routes meet here:

  • North – South: Copenhagen – Frankfurt – Munich – Milan – Budapest
  • West – East: Madrid - London/Paris - Frankfurt - Berlin - Prague/Moskow

When handling undefinedimport and undefinedexport shipments  we ensure with short processing times on the ground, direct  connections between apron and road at one of Europe's central logistic hubs  in Europe. Speed, efficiency and security are the pillars of our business.

The daily challenge that we meet as a logistic service company is called "Fast in, fast out". This is why we count on short distances, be it in the architecture of our buildings, the management of our processes or in communication. An ideal access to apron and road, exactly defined responsibilities and modern information and communication technology ensure that speed and quality are at their best possible performance.