FCS Franfurt Cargo Services now offers a new electronic service:



You can capture and process your invoice Claims or queries to FCS online on our Website.

Until now, this Service has only been available for perliminary claims.

The new function is quick, transparent and very easy to use. You get an overlook over all open and completed cases and can always follow-up the latest Status.

Your Advantages are:

  • Accelerated processing and Feedback from FCS
  • Easy data entry
  • Instant confirmation of receipt via email
  • Minimization of errors
  • Submissions can be made anytime
  • All processes at a glance


Registration is easily possible on our Website. If you are already using our eService for preliminary claims, your access code will also work for the invoice claims. It is also possible tu use a collective account for serveral employees of the same company.

Please make use of this possibility to transmit your claim. We are planning to switch to complete electronical transmission from August 2017.

Here you can find the user guideline for the new service.